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Welcome to Expo Nacional Ferretera exhibition
07 August 2023

ZHEJIANG QIANTAO PUMPS CO., LTD.QIANTAO is with great pleasure to invitate you and your esteemed company to participate in Expo Nacional Ferretera exhibition exchange.Time: SEPT.7-9,2023.Add: Expo GuadalajaraBooth no.2257

What are the Principles and Structure of AC Electric Motors?
22 August 2023

There are two types of AC motors commonly used at present: 1. Three-phase asynchronous motors. 2. Single-phase AC motor.

How to choose a fitable motor for yourself?
19 July 2023

How to choose a fitable motor for yourself?Choosing the correct type,power, speed,installation structure and sizeand of a motor is extremely important. The following four points should be considered:1.Choosing the appropriate typeThe type of motor should be selected based on considerations such as

what is the function of the electric motor?
12 April 2023

The function of an electric motor is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. This conversion is typically performed by using the force of a magnetic field to rotate an electrical conductor within the field. The resulting rotational energy can be used to drive machines or devices. Applic

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