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What are the selection criteria for air compressors?
18 November 2022

An air compressor is an air compression device that uses energy (e.g., electricity, diesel, or gasoline) to drive an engine, rotate the compressor housing, and convert air (usually 1-atmosphere, about 1-bar) into compressed air.

What are the requirements for the installation site of the air compressor?
11 November 2022

An air compressor is a device with which gas can be compressed. The air compressor is similar to a water pump. Most air compressors are reciprocating piston, rotary vane or screw compressors. Centrifugal compressors are very large applications.

What are the advantages of using an air compressor?
04 November 2022

Air compressors have a wider range of use and a wider range of applications. You'll see gas stations supplying compressed air to inflate your vehicle's tires, while your tire shop uses compressed air and air tools to remove tires.

China Qiantao Technology Co. Ltd.
28 October 2021

China Qiantao Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of Chinese water pumps, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province.

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