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Why is a JET PUMP called Self-Priming Pump?

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There are various types designed  pump for different applications usage. One of them is the JET PUMP, a regular JET PUMP is without pressure tank and other auto seft priming spare parts.But pepole also call it JET self-priming PUMP. This article will explain for you the reson and the characteristic of JET PUMP.

Self-priming capability:

JET PUMPs are commonly used in household, agricultural  for water supply and irrigation purposes. They are known for their ability to create a vacuum through the nozzle and draw water from a well or other water sources, without the need for external priming.Due to this self-priming capability,pepole call it  JET self-priming PUMP.

The principle of JET PUMP:

This ability is achieved through the Venturi effect.The pump adopts the unique structure of centrifugle impeller-diffuser-venturi pipe.The principles is that create a vacuum through the nozzle,then sucks the low level water  into the inlet than  discharged by pump.      


When the impeller spins, it pushes water towards the Venturi pipe, .Once water enters the Venturi pipe, it combines with the high-speed water flow, resulting in  a powerfull suction source. This force allows the JET PUMP to pull water from a lower level and lift it to the desired outlet, overcoming the challenges of gravity and distance.

By utilizing the Venturi effect and an impeller,JET PUMPs provide a reliable and versatile option for various applications. CHIMP representative products in this series include JET100L, M80, 10M, STP50 and so on.Qiantao is honored to have the support and trust of our customers, and as always, we will offer our customers the best products with the most sincere attitude and professional strength.

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