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How to choose a fitable motor for yourself?

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How to choose a fitable motor for yourself?

Choosing the correct type,power, speed,installation structure and sizeand  of a motor is extremely important. The following four points should be considered:

1.Choosing the appropriate type

The type of motor should be selected based on considerations such as AC or DC, mechanical characteristics, speed control and starting performance, maintenance, and price.

In general, if there are no special requirements, an AC motor should be used. You can choose between a single-phase asynchronous motor or a three-phase asynchronous motor.

2.Choosing the appropriate power

The power of the motor should be selected based on the load. If the power is too high, although it can ensure normal operation, it is not economical. If the power is too low, it cannot guarantee the normal operation of the motor and the production machinery, cannot fully exert the efficiency of the production machinery, and can cause premature damage to the motor due to overload.

3.Choosing the appropriate speed

The rated speed of the motor is selected based on the requirements of the production machinery. However, the speed is usually not lower than 500r/min. Because when the power is constant, the lower the speed of the motor, the larger its size, the more expensive it is, and the lower its efficiency.

4.Choosing the appropriate installation structure and size

The installation structures for motors include the following:

① Base with foot, no flange on the end cover (B3)

② Base without foot, flange on the end cover (B5)

③ Base with foot, flange on the end cover (B35)

Usually, the number in the motor model represents the center height of the motor. The end of the model number usually has three types: L for a long base, M for a standard base, and S for a short base.

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