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WQ(D)Reliable Waterproof Series Sewage Submersible (AQUACUL TURE PUMP)

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  • WQ(D)

Product Overview

WQX sewage submersible electric pump, also known as non clogging water pump, is composed of water pump, seal and motor. The motor is located at the upper part of the electric pump and is a single-phase or three-phase asynchronous motor. The water pump is located at the lower part of the motor. The impeller is a multi blade swirl structure. There is a spacious channel between the impeller and the bottom of the volute, which can pass through any sundries entering the suction inlet. Hard wear-resistant mechanical seal is used between the water pump and the motor, and "O" oil-resistant rubber seal ring is used as static seal at each fixed stop.

The rotating shaft of the electric pump is made of stainless steel, which can effectively improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the shaft, and is conducive to the maintenance and disassembly of the impeller

Reliable cable waterproof entrance. Even if the cable is damaged or the wire head is immersed in water, water will not enter the motor. Moreover, due to the humid environment, moisture will not be sucked into the motor through the cable conductor gap, resulting in the decline of insulation.

The single-phase electric pump of 1.5KW and below is equipped with an external micro control box, which can automatically disconnect the power supply to protect the motor in case of phase loss, overload, motor overheating, etc.

Because there is a very spacious channel space between the impeller and the volute, the strong vortex generated by the rotation of the impeller can directly send the solid particles in the medium out of the volute without contacting the impeller, which greatly reduces the wear.

Pump Installation And Applications

Wastewater discharge from factories, shopping malls, hospitals and hotels Sewage discharge from residential areas, parking lots, municipal domestic sewage, rainwater discharge, sewage treatment plants,animal husbandry farms, etc

Mud sand water and ash water containing suspended solid particles or hard particles in construction sites, mines and power plants are pumped to other places for water supply and drainage

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MODEL Rated Power
Rated flow
Rated head
Power Supply
( V/Hz)
Allowable particle
50WQDX10-6-0.55 0.55 10 6 220/50 35
50WQX10-6-0.55 0.55 10 6 380/50 35
50WQDX10-8-0.75 0.75 10 8 220/50 35
50WQX10-8-0.75 0.75 10 8 380/50 35
50WQDX15-8-1.1 1.1 15 8 220/50 35
50WQX15-8-1.1 1.1 15 8 380/50 35
50WQDX15-12-1.5 1.5 15 12 220/50 35
50WQX15-12-1.5 1.5 15 12 380/50 35
65WQX25-10-2.2 2.2 25 10 380/50 56
80WQX40-7-2.2 2.2 40 7 380/50 65
65WQX25-15-3.0 3 25 15 380/50 56
80WQX40-10-3.0 3 40 10 380/50 65
65WQX25-22-4.0 4 25 22 380/50 56
80WQX40-15-4.0 4 40 15 380/50 65
80WQX50-15-5.5 5.5 5o 15 380/50 65
100WQX80-9-5.5 5.5 80 9 380/50 85
80WQX80-14-7.5 7.5 80 14 380/50 65
100WQX100-10-7.5 7.5 100 10 380/50 85

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