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WQ(D)220V Electric Sewage Submersible Pump


Product Overview

WQ(JY) series sewage submersible electric pump (hereinafter referred to as electric pump) is composed of three parts: electric motor, water pump, and mechanical seal. The motor is located on the upper part of the water pump, which is a three-phase asynchronous motor structure; the water pump is located on the lower part of the electric pump, and the double-end mechanical seal structure is adopted between the water pump and the motor; and the fixed stop seals adopt O-rings as static seals. The electric pump shaft adopts stainless steel shaft or chrome plating treatment, which ensures the mechanical strength of the shaft, effectively improves the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the shaft, and is also convenient for disassembly and maintenance.

WQ(JY) series electric pump can be equipped with a dual-track automatic coupling installation system according to customer needs, which brings great convenience to installation and maintenance

The WQJY series sewage pump adopts an automatic stirring device on the basis of the sewage pump. This configuration rotates with the motor shaft to generate a strong stirring force, stir the sediment in the sewage pool into suspended matter; and suck it into the pump to discharge it This improves the pump' s anti-blocking and sewage discharge capabilities, and completes drainage, cleaning, and silt removal at one time.

Pump Installation And Applications

The electric pump is convenient to move, easy to install, and has good anti-clogging and anti-winding capabilities. It is widely used in industrial, agricultural, mining, construction, municipal, environmental protection and other occasions. It is an ideal equipment for pumping domestic wastewater; sewage, and solid particles containing short fibers, paper scraps, silt and other solid particles, as well as agricultural irrigation and drainage, and river pond dredging, but it is not suitable for explosion-proof environments.

Working Condition

1.PH value of medium:4-10

2.Environment temperature:40°C

3.PH value of medium:4-10

4.The density of the medium is not greater than 1200kg/m3

5.Single Phase:220V/50HZ; Three Phase:380V/50HZ(10%)frequency 50HZ.

6.The submersible depth of the pump does not exceed 5 meters, and the exposed part of

the motor does not exceed 1/2 of the motor


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