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Cmp Multi-stage Centrifugal Electric Pump



CMP multi-stage centrifugal electric pump (hereinafter referred to as electric pump) is composed of three parts: electric motor, water pump, and mechanical seal. The outer barrel of this series of electric pumps is made of stainless steel, and the impeller and guide vanes are made of high-strength engineering plastics, with strong anti-corrosion performance and durability. The double-end mechanical seal structure is adopted between the water pump and the motor; and the water retaining ring rotating on the shaft plays the role of auxiliary water throwing and isolation. O-ring is used for static sealing at the fixed spigot seal


This series of electric pumps are beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, easy to install and convenient to use. They are an ideal household pump with high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection. Widely used in farmland, garden irrigation, tap water pressurization, water tower water supply, etc. and wells for water extraction

Working Condition:

1.Medium:Clean water

2.PH value of medium:6.5-8.5

3.Environment temperature

4.The volume of solid impurities in the medium guarantee is not more than

0.1%, and the particle diameter is not more than 0.2mm

5.Single Phase:220V/50Hz; Three Phase:380V/50Hz(±10%)

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