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Why do we have to use a submersible pump

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A submersible pump is a device that has a hermetically sealed motor that is closely connected to the pump body. The entire assembly is immersed in the fluid to be pumped. The main advantage of this type of pump is that it prevents pump cavitation, a problem associated with a large height difference between the liquid surface and the location of the pump.

  • What is the main structure of the submersible pump?

  • How does a submersible pump work?

  • Various types of submersible pumps

What is the main structure of the submersible pump?

The electric submersible pump unit consists of four parts: water pump, submersible motor (including cable), water pipe and control switch. The submersible pump is a single-flow multi-stage vertical centrifugal pump; The submersible motor is a closed, water-filled, wet, vertical three-phase cage rotor asynchronous motor, and the motor and the water pump are directly connected by a claw or single wedge barrel coupling. equipped with different specifications. Three-wire cable; The starter equipment is air switch with different capacity levels and pneumatic actuator with automatic decompression, the water pipe is made of steel pipe with different diameters connected by a flange, and the electric high stroke pump is controlled by a gate valve.

The upper part of the submersible motor shaft is equipped with a labyrinth sand guard and two rear mounted skeleton oil seals to prevent the penetration of quicksand into the engine. The submersible motor adopts water-lubricated bearings, and the lower part is equipped with a rubber pressure regulating film and pressure regulating spring to form a pressure regulating chamber to adjust the pressure change caused by the temperature; The motor winding is insulated with polyethylene and the nylon jacket is waterproof. During the cable connection, the insulation of the connection is removed and the paint layer scraped off, joined separately, tightly welded and wrapped with a layer of raw rubber. Then wrap 2-3 layers of waterproof tape and wrap 2-3 layers of waterproof tape on the outside or wrap a layer of rubber (bicycle lining) with water glue to prevent water from entering.

How does a submersible pump work?

A submersible pump is a type of centrifugal pump designed for use under water. They are hermetically sealed so that the inner parts are protected from water. The impeller of a submersible pump rotates in the spiral filled with water. This movement creates a vacuum at the eye of the impeller that draws water into the center of the pump. The water then flows through the diffuser and out of the outlet opening.

Various types of submersible pumps

submersible pumps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed for different applications. The most common types of submersible pumps include:

Swamp pumps: Swamp pumps are the most common type of submersible pumps. They are usually used to remove water from cellars or crawler cellars.

Wastewater pumps: Wastewater pumps are designed to handle waste water from toilets, showers and other fittings.

Mill pumps: Mill pumps are used for grinding and transporting waste water from households and companies.

Supply pumps: Supply pumps are versatile tools that can be used for a variety of purposes, including emptying tanks, removing water from flooded areas, and more.

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