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Why choose an air compressor

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An air compressor is a device that can compress gas. It is a device that converts the mechanical energy of a drive machine (usually a motor) into pneumatic energy. It is a pneumatic compressed air generator. It is a machine that uses the principle of air compression to compress compressed air beyond atmospheric pressure.

  • What should we do if we do not use an air compressor?

  • What parameters are checked during operation of an air compressor?

  • Why choose an air compressor?

What should we do if we do not use an air compressor?

  1. When the air compressor is stopped, the exhaust valve of the air storage tank should be opened gradually, the pressure should be lowered slowly, and the speed of the diesel engine should be reduced accordingly, so that the air compressor runs without load for 5-10 seconds at low speed. After switching off the air compressor, the diesel engine continues to run at low speed for five seconds and then shuts off.If the temperature in winter is lower than 5°C, the cooling water should be drained without antifreeze after switching off.

2.When cleaning the heat sink, do not use the combustion method to remove the oil contamination of the pipeline. Maintenance work such as cleaning and tightening must be carried out after switching off. When blowing out the parts with compressed air, it is strictly forbidden to direct the air outlet to the human body or other equipment in order to avoid injury or damage.

3.Regularly (weekly) perform manual venting test on the gas storage safety valve to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the safety valve.

4. Clean the machine thoroughly. After prolonged operation of the air compressor, it is forbidden to rinse it with cold water.

What parameters are checked during operation of the air compressor?

During operation of the air compressor, the following conditions should also be checked:

1.Whether the temperature of the motor is normal and whether the measured values of the individual measuring instruments are within the specified range.

2. Whether the sounds of each machine are normal.

3.Whether the cover of the intake valve is hot, and whether the sound of the valve is normal.

4.Whether the various safety devices of the air compressor are reliable.

Why choose air compressor?

1.The air compressor can be used for synthesis and polymerization by compressed air

In the chemical industry, certain gases are synthesized and polymerized after the pressure is increased by the compressor. For example, atmosphere and hydrogen for the synthesis of helium, hydrogen and carbon dioxide for the synthesis of methanol, carbon dioxide and ammonia for the synthesis of urea, etc. Polyethylene is produced under high pressure.

2.air compressors can be used for gas supply

air compressors are also used for transporting gas in pipelines and for filling gas etc. used. air compressors are also used in conveying gas in pipelines, such as long-distance transportation of gas, filling various gases and so on.

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