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What types of air compressors are there

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An air compressor is a device with which gas can be compressed. The air compressor is similar to a water pump. air compressors are used in all areas of life in industrial production. Due to their wide range of applications and functions, they can be used in various areas.

  • What precautions should be taken when using air compressors?

  • What types of air compressors are there?

  • How to choose an air compressor?

What are the precautions when using air compressors?

1.The air compressor should be placed in a place protected from steam, gas and dust. The intake pipe should be equipped with a filter device. After the air compressor is in place, it should be wedged symmetrically with spacers.

2. Always keep the outside of the container clean. Welding or hot working near the gas tank is prohibited. The compressed air storage tank should be hydraulically tested once a year, with the test pressure being 1.5x the working pressure. The air pressure gauge and safety valve should be checked once a year.

3.Operators should be specially trained and have a thorough understanding of the design, performance and function of air compressors and accessories, and be familiar with the operation and maintenance procedures.

What types of air compressors are there?

air compressors can be divided into fixed, mobile and closed types depending on the type.

Compressors that are directly dependent on changing the gas volume to increase the gas pressure.

Piston compressor Ω is a displacement compressor whose compression element is a piston that moves back and forth in the cylinder.

Rotary compressor Ω is a displacement compressor in which compression is achieved by the forced movement of rotating elements.

Slide vane compressor γ is a variable capacity rotary compressor whose axial blades glide radially on the eccentric rotor of the same cylinder. The air trapped between the sliding blades is compressed and expelled.

Liquid piston compressors are rotary displacement compressors in which water or other liquid acts as a piston to compress gas and then eject it.

How to choose an air compressor?

To select the right air compressor, you first need to determine the frequency of use based on the compressed air requirements of your application.

You also need to know if the compressor can be transported or if it should be installed in one place. If this is the case, you need to ensure that the compressor is well ventilated to ensure optimal cooling.

Another important factor is the continuous operating time of the compressor. Manufacturers usually indicate the operating time of their products. This power-on time indicates how long the compressor can run in one hour. A compressor with a power-on time of 30% can only run for 18-minutes and must cool for 42-minutes. If you choose such a compressor, make sure that the 18-minute operating time is enough to bring the tank to the right pressure for one hour.

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