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What size should I choose for an air compressor

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The air compressor is the main part of the air supply unit. It is a device that converts the mechanical energy of the drive machine (usually an electric motor) into gas pressure energy, and is a pressure generating device for compressed air. Compressors are one of the most important devices in mining, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, petrochemical, refrigeration and gas separation technology and in the defence industry. Due to their application possibilities, they are widely known as "universal machines"

  • What size should I choose for an air compressor?

  • In what cases do small and medium-sized companies use air compressors?

  • What should we pay attention to before operating the air compressor?

What size should I choose for an air compressor?

To determine the size of an air compressor, it is first necessary to know the maximum pressure required to supply a compressed air tool or circuit. Expressed in pounds per square inch (psi), bar or pascal (Pa). Depending on the pressure, you will need a single-stage compressor (up to 135 psi or 9 bar) or a multi-stage compressor, which can significantly increase the pressure (up to 5800 psi or 400 bar).

In addition, you need to know the maximum required flow rate. The flow rate is the amount of air needed to supply the various devices of the air compressor that need to be connected together. Expressed in cubic feet per minute (cfm), litres per second (l/s) or cubic meters per hour (m3/h). It is advisable to provide a safety margin of about 30% to avoid accidents and not to oversize the compressor.

The performance of the compressor depends on the amount of air required and the output pressure.If the power of the compressor is high, but the air throughput is low, it can only be used occasionally, and its cooling requires a long break.

An air compressor usually contains a compressed air tank, and you can adjust the start of the motor to the required compressed air. You need to calibrate this air tank correctly so that the engine does not run constantly. Some compressors are equipped with vertical air tanks, which can reduce the space requirement if they need to be installed in tight spaces.

In which cases are air compressors used by small and medium-sized enterprises?

Paint spraying in a car repair shop

Grinding in a car workshop or carpentry shop

Roofing with a pneumatic nail gun

Provision of dental and medical services

Use of a pneumatic drilling machine and a pneumatic hammer on a construction site

Operating a wide range of pneumatic tools in car repair shops

Cleaning machines with a blowgun

Sandblasting in machine halls and production facilities

What should we pay attention to before operating the air compressor?

1.Keep the lubricating oil in the oil pan within the scale range and check that the amount of oil in the oiler is not below the scale value before commissioning the air compressor.

2.Check whether each moving part is flexible, whether each connecting part is tight, whether the lubrication system is normal, and whether the motor and electrical control equipment are safe and reliable.

3.Before operating the air compressor, check that the guards and safety accessories are in good condition.

4.Check if the exhaust air line is clear.

5.Connect the water source, open all water inlet valves and make sure the cooling water is not clogged.

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