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What do you know about submersible pumps?

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A rubber bearing is installed in the guide housing of each stage of the submersible pump; the impeller is fixed to the pump shaft with a conical sleeve; the guide housing is integrated with threads or bolts.

  • What are the precautions for using submersible pumps?

  • What are the installation steps for submersible pumps?

  • The submersible pump system

What are the precautions for using submersible pumps?

Before using the submersible pump, you must first read the user manual. You can't make a mistake. If you do not use it for a long time, you need to rotate the impeller before use, otherwise it will burn the packaging as it will not stick for long. Before starting the pump, the suction line and the pump must be filled with liquid. After switching on the pump, the impeller rotates at high speed and the liquid in it rotates with the blades. Under the effect of centrifugation, it flies away from the impeller and is thrown outwards. Spout, drain pipe drains out. At this time, due to the fluid being thrown around in the middle of the blade, a vacuum low pressure range without air or liquid is formed. The liquid in the liquid tank flows through the suction tube into the pump under the effect of atmospheric pressure on the tank surface, and the liquid is therefore continuous. It is continuously sucked in from the liquid tank and flows continuously out of the drain pipe.

What are the installation steps for submersible pumps?

1.Deep well pump acceptance: When collecting the goods from the logistics company, the user should carefully check and check whether the cable sheath is damaged. If the water pump is defective.

2.Loading and unloading: When loading and unloading the forklift, be careful not to damage the concentricity of the machine or break the cable insulation.

3.Inspection steps before the whole unit moves down the shaft: A. Disassemble the filter screen, use the crowbar to move the clutch, and it should rotate flexibly. B. Position the electric pump vertically and fill it with water, connect the cable connections and immerse the connections in a water basin. The grounding resistance (insulation resistance of the single-finger joint to water) of the vibration test joint must not be less than 500 megaohm. C. Place the pump upright and use a suitable container to fill washing powder and water into the pump outlet. At the same time, lightly press the motor start button to closely observe the rotation of the pump. The time should not exceed 2 seconds and make continuous marks.

The submersible pump system

A submersible pump system consists of four main components: the pump, the motor, the control panel and the pressure pipe.

The pump is at the heart of the system and is responsible for transporting water from the well to the surface. The motor is responsible for driving the pump and is usually located above ground. The control panel controls the power supply of the motor and controls the flow of water through the system. The pressure pipe transports water from the pump to the surface.

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