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What do you know about air compressors?

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Screw compressors, rotary vane compressors and piston compressors are the three most common types of air compressors used in small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • What types of air compressors are there?

  • What are the advantages of oil-free air compressors compared to air compressors?

  • What kind of air compressor is suitable for use in factories?

What types of air compressors are there?

air compressors can be divided into three categories: consumer quality, professional quality and industrial quality.

  1. Consumer compressors can be called single-stage models. They are used for household tasks such as inflating tires and inflatable products and possibly for some less stressed compressed air tools such as staplers and nail guns.

  2. Professional compressed air compressors provide more power and a larger compressed air volume. They can be two-stage reciprocating or screw compressors and provide more power for simultaneous and intermittent operation of multiple pneumatic tools.

  3. Industrial compressors are the workhorses of production facilities or reliable sources of energy on oil platforms. They are designed to deliver an even compressed air flow over a longer period of time and withstand the fluctuating current surges typical of large production facilities. Made from high-quality components, the compressors can be adapted to specific environments to improve performance, energy efficiency and reliability.

What are the advantages of oil-free compressors compared to compressed air compressors?

Compared to compressed air compressors, oil-free compressors have the following advantages

  1. By using small cylinders, the air compressor is light and compact.

  2. The balance of the compressor is good, so no foundation is required.

  3. Slight vibration.

  4. The small stroke volume of a single cylinder causes the pulsation on the intake and outlet sides to be less than 1% so that no pulsation suppression is required.

  5. The noise level is 70-82 decibels, so no additional measures need to be taken.

What kind of air compressor is suitable for factory use?

The most common application of piston compressors in small companies is the drive of compressed air tools. This type of tools is preferred over power tools because they are lighter and safer to use. Electrically operated tools generate heat and can overheat or short circuit when used constantly.

Since compressed air tools have long been used in industry and manufacturing, they are also increasingly common in small companies, especially in the construction industry. Almost all power tools also work with compressed air.

Companies that offer small engine services, automotive services, leisure activities and dental services can use all compressed air to serve their customers. While generating compressed air can be expensive, you should always know how to use your system most efficiently to deliver the right amount of compressed air at the right pressure at the lowest cost. On average, you need about 7 or 8 horsepower (horsepower) of electrical energy to generate 1.horsepower compressed air.

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