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What are the selection criteria for air compressors?

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An air compressor is an air compression device that uses energy (e.g., electricity, diesel, or gasoline) to drive an engine, rotate the compressor housing, and convert air (usually 1-atmosphere, about 1-bar) into compressed air.

What is the compression method of air compressors?

1 Isothermal compression: A compression process in which the temperature of the gas is always kept constant during compression.

2 Adiabatic compression: A compression process in the adiabatic state in which neither heat is supplied from outside nor extracted.

3 Polygonal curve compression (actually applied compression method): A compression method that differs from isothermal compression and adiabatic compression, in which part of the heat generated is dissipated and heat exchange with the outside world takes place.

What are the selection criteria for an air compressor?

The oil-free air compressor is the first choice: the material of the oil-free air compressor itself does not contain any oily substances, and it is not necessary to add lubricating oil during operation, so that the quality of the air emitted is greatly improved and the safety of the tools required by the user is also guaranteed. Unlike the oil-free air compressor, the exhaust gas contains a large amount of oil molecules, which lead to varying degrees of corrosion of the equipment provided by the user. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an oil-free, quiet air compressor to ensure air quality. After configuring the air filter device, the air quality should reach the following international standard values.

The choice of air compressor is mainly based on the working pressure and flow rate of the pneumatic system.

Why is it necessary to clean the air compressor regularly?

Long-term operation of the air compressor results in clogging of the device due to deposits, which reduces efficiency, increases energy consumption and shortens service life. If the deposits cannot be removed in time, there is a risk that the plant will have to be serviced, that downtime will occur or that it will have to be scrapped and replaced. Conventional cleaning methods such as mechanical processes (scratching, brushing), high pressure water, dry cleaning (pickling), etc. have long been associated with many problems when cleaning air compressors:

Cauldron and other deposits cannot be completely removed and cause corrosion on the plant. The acid residues lead to secondary corrosion or limescale corrosion of the material, which ultimately leads to the replacement of the plant. In addition, the cleaning liquid is toxic and wastewater treatment is very expensive. Companies can use highly efficient environmentally friendly cleaning agents to avoid the above situation. They are characterized by high efficiency, environmental protection, safety and corrosion-free. It not only has a good cleaning effect, but also does not attack the equipment, which ensures the long-term use of air compressors.

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