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What are the components of a submersible pump?

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The submersible pump is an important equipment for extracting water from deep wells. During operation, the entire unit immerses in the water to work, pumping groundwater to the surface, which is used for service water, mine rescue, industrial cooling, irrigation of arable land, seawater elevation, ship load regulation and also for fountains landscapes.

  • What is the wiring method of the submersible pump?

  • How do I control the start of the submersible pump?

  • What are the components of a submersible pump?

What is the wiring method of the submersible pump?

Wiring method if the connection cable is a double connection cable

  1. After connecting the cable, shake the insulation resistance of the cable and motor (without adding water), and the value is no less than 150 megaohm.

  2. After the motor is filled with water, shake and measure again the insulation resistance of the motor windings, which should be no less than 40 megaohm.

  3. Turn the device on and test it (the time should not exceed 2 seconds). Mark the successive positions,

  4. Start driving down the well: as you walk down the well, keep shaking the insulation resistance to observe its changes and prevent the cable insulation from breaking through the well wall. If the insulation level is found to fall rapidly below 0.5 megaohm, the device should be raised to check the cause. If no accident happens, after descending into the well, you can start the test run using the above steps.

How do I control the start of the submersible pump?

Controls the selection of submersible pumps. Motor power × 1.2-1.4 times the output of the control cabinet. The control cabinet should have protective measures such as phase failure, overload, overcurrent and short circuit. After the installation is complete, start the test machine. The start time is between 10–25 seconds depending on the engine power difference. The start-up time of high-performance engines should be relatively long. Check if the current is overloaded and if the three-phase current is symmetrical and make a log. And feedback to the manufacturer as a basis for warranty.

What are the components of a submersible pump?

A rubber bearing is installed in each stage of the guide housing of the submersible pump; the impeller is fixed to the pump shaft with a conical sleeve; the guide housing is connected by threads or bolts. The upper part of the high stroke submersible pump is equipped with a non-return valve to prevent damage to the unit by water shock when switching off. The motor is airtight with precision stop screws and the cable outlet is sealed with a rubber seal. There is a water injection hole at the top of the engine, a vent hole and a water drain hole at the bottom. The lower part of the motor is equipped with upper and lower thrust bearings, and the thrust bearings have grooves for cooling.

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