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How does an electric motor work?

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Electric motors are used for many purposes, from heavy industry to small toys. Different types of electric motors are selected in different environments. Here are some examples: air conditioners such as electric fans, electric toy cars, boats, etc. Elevators, electrically operated elevators such as subways, tram factories and grocery stores Conveyor belts, electric automatic doors in buses, etc.

  • How does an electric motor work?

  • The two types of electric motors

  • What is the composition of the electric motor?

How does an electric motor work?

The electric motor uses the relative motion of the rotating magnetic field generated by the stator (its speed is the synchronous speed n1) and the rotor winding, and the rotor winding cuts the magnetic field line to generate an induced electromotive force, thereby generating an induced current in the rotor winding. The induced current in the rotor winding interacts with the magnetic field to generate an electromagnetic torque that causes the rotor to rotate. When the rotor speed gradually approaches the synchronous speed, the induced current gradually decreases and the electromagnetic torque generated also decreases accordingly.When the asynchronous motor is operating in the motor state, the rotor speed is smaller than the synchronous speed. To describe the difference between rotor speed n and synchronous speed n1, a slip is introduced.

The two types of electric motors

There are two types of electric motors: Single phase motors and three phase motors.

Single phase motors are electric motors that operate on a single phase power supply. They are commonly used in applications where three phase power is not available or not practical. Single phase motors are typically less expensive and easier to install than three phase motors, making them a popular choice for many applications.

Three phase motors are electric motors that are designed to operate on three-phase electrical power. Unlike single-phase motors, which require a single-phase power supply, three-phase motors require a three-phase power supply. Three-phase power is a type of electrical power that consists of three separate phases, each of which is 120 degrees out of phase with the other two phases.

What is the composition of the electric motor?

There are many types of engines. The basic structure consists mainly of a stator (stator) and a rotor (rotor).

The stator is stationary in space, while the rotor can rotate around the shaft and is supported by bearings.

There will be some air gap between the stator and the rotor to ensure that the rotor can rotate freely.

The stator and rotor are wound with coils, and a current is applied to generate a magnetic field that becomes an electromagnet. One of stator and rotor can also be a permanent magnet.

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