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High-efficiency Heavy Duty Induction Electric motor Yx3


The YX3 series high efficiency standard three phaes induction motors are totally enclosed fan cooed squirrel cage motors that are manufactured withnew materil and tech nology. It is a new generation motor and asve energy.

YX3 series motor center heigh: H80-H355, Output: 0.55KW,

ple:2, 4, 6, 8. Degree of protection: IP55, cooling method: IC411, Mounting dimensions confirm to IEC standard, rated voltage: 380V, rated frequency: 50Hz, Ambient temerature: 40 max, Altitude: 1000m, Duty: continuous(S1).

YX3 series high efficency three phaes induction motors have some notable advantages such as high efficiency, good starting performance, low noise, improved structure, improved cooling capabilities. This series motors are three phase induction motors which be used for general motors and can be used to drive all kinds of general purpose machines such as compressors, ventilators. pumps, etc. oter uses such as petrol chmical, medical, chemical industries and mining. For special requirement please contact our sales department

YX3 series motors are equal with Y2 series three phase induction motors in dimension.

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