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Vice President shi yonghong attended the opening ceremony of the tenth China pump and motor show

Date:2017-8-28 16:29

n February 14, 2016, the 10th China pump and motor exhibition, co-sponsored by the electromechanical chamber of commerce, the Commerce Department of zhejiang province and the wenling government, opened at the wenling exhibition center. Shi Yonggong mechanical and electronic chamber of commerce, vice chairman, wenling municipal party committee secretary Xu Miao, Xu Renbiao wenling city mayor, deputy mayor ma jian, business bureau chief, Mr Chen and the exhibition organizer leaders and representatives attended the opening ceremony and the tour activities.
The China pump and motor show has been in the wind for ten years. According to the statistics, there were 3170 exhibitors from the previous nine exhibitions, attracting 2.05 million customers from home and abroad to observe and negotiate, and the total value of the contract was 1.37 billion yuan, and the contract amount was 3.57 billion yuan. The China pump and motor show has become the largest and most representative and influential exhibition in the industry.

The exhibition in addition to the indoor exhibition hall, all can use outdoor place also set up the temporary pavilion, are still in short supply, it marks the fair has grown up, the customer has approved the exhibition platform. The exhibition has 1151 booths, with an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters and a total of 495 exhibitors. Compared with previous years, this exhibition also shows a trend of more "internationalization". Products from international companies such as Germany, Japan and South Korea are also present in the exhibition. Buyers in Russia, South Korea, India and Iran are also active. Under the background of industrial structure upgrading and transformation, the current exhibition also has the environmental protection equipment at the core of the water pump products, and the water pump and motor industry of wenling will be diversified. In addition, in 2016, the Chinese pump and motor show first introduced the new mode of spring and autumn joint exhibition, which will be held in the autumn exhibition on October 20, bsolstice on October 20.

Shi Yonggong vice President said in the opening speech, wen ling has developed into China's important industrial base and export base of the pump and motor, much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, made in China for industrial upgrading 2025 planning blueprint, especially with the speeding up of the "area" construction, infrastructure construction of the pump and motor products demand will gradually, hope that domestic production enterprises and international customers fully use of the pump and motor exhibition platform, expanding areas of cooperation and expand business opportunities; At the same time, we hope that the parties will make full use of the platform of the electromechanical chamber of commerce to enhance cooperation and exchange. The electromechanical chamber of commerce is willing to provide assistance to all parties in the process of trade expansion and cooperation.

Finally, wenling municipal party secretary xu miao announced the opening of the exhibition. Subsequently, shi yonghong vice President, xu miao secretary, xu renbid mayor and other line of the patrol officer activities. In the process of the tour pavilion Shi Yonggong vice President visited the New Territories pump industry (8.140, 0.06, 0.74%), Leo group of companies such as booth, and sound in east pump industry stalls held a small symposium, and a few of the entrepreneurs.

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