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2017 China pump and motor exhibition wenling open

Date:2017-8-28 10:01

"We are from the United States and want to enhance our influence in China through this platform." On February 3, at the wenling convention center, franklin electric company staff was busy recommending to customers from all over the world. Head Zhang Xiangze told reporters that the company headquarters is located in cuny Ralph, indiana (USA), "joined the 2 last year, the exhibition has international fei, is our foothold in the domestic market 'window'." The 2017 China pump and motor exhibition opens at the wenling exhibition center. On the first day, more than 30,000 domestic and foreign businessmen came to the exhibition, and the number of exhibitors reached a record.

As the main manufacturing and export base of small pump, air pump and vacuum pump in China, wenling enjoys honorary titles such as "China small pump industry famous city" and "China small pump export base". Pump and motor is the first pillar industry of wenling. After more than 30 years of exploration and development, the industry has formed a sound production matching and marketing network. In recent years, the city is committed to supply side structural reform, strengthening resources integration, platform building, layout optimization and quality improvement, vigorously promote the pump and motor industries from "made in wen ling" to "made in possessing wisdom" transformation.

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